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Kingston memory card recovery tool: The best way to recover 3GP files from memory card

Portable secondary storage devices like memory cards are very powerful medium to store enormous data in it. It allows you to move your data from one place to another without any problem. You can store various data like videos, music, and personal information in it and share it with others. Kingston memory cards are one such memory card brand which is very popular among memory cards users. It is available in different video capacity where you can store various data including music and 3GP video files. It is a very common situation that the Kingston memory card installed in your digital camera or camcorder gets corrupted and all the 3GP or MP4 video files stored in it get corrupted or lost. If you are also facing the same situation, then Kingston memory card recovery software is especially for you.

 Free Download for Windows      Free Download For Macintosh  

There could be so many reasons behind the loss of 3GP video files from Kingston memory cards like:

  1. uneven pulling of Kingston memory card from camera while the storing processing is still not complete
  2. accidental deletion of files from the camera
  3. virus or malware attack
  4. improper handling of camera
  5. storing data in the memory card at low battery mode of the camera
  6. recovers the files in original format
  7. Compatible with all memory card brands like sony, transdisk, moser baer, Kingston etc

If your Kingston memory card faces any of such situations, you won�t be able to access your video files stored in it. You may encounter error messages like �card not initialized, file not accessed, memory card empty and many more. These error messages indicates that there are some problem in your 3GP video files stored in the Kingston memory card and you need a Kingston memory card recovery software in order to repair and recover lost 3GP files. By the help of this software you can recover all the video files lost from various devices like digital camera, camcorders, iPhone, iPad etc. The Kingston memory card recovery software is especially designed to repair and recover the video files like 3GP, MP4, WMV, AVI, WAV etc. It has very rich user interface which can even be used by a novice to complete the whole recovery process in few minutes.

 Free Download for Windows      Free Download For Macintosh