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Repair damaged 3gp files with 3gp recovery tool

3gp file extension is used in 3G Mobiles that can also be played in all 4G and 2G Mobiles phones. These file format are basically designed to be used on GSM based phones. The 3gp video files stored in 3G phones are very much susceptible to damages and corruption. 3gp file repair is the only way by which you can get the video files back in its original format.

3gp files store both audio and video stream of files. 3gp files can be stored in different storage devices including hard disk drive, memory cards, 3gp partition, USB drives etc. Corruption or damage to any of these storage devices can cause corruption to the 3gp files.

 Free Download for Windows      Free Download For Macintosh  

Generally the 3gp video files get corrupted due to the following reasons:

  1. Virus or malware infection
  2. Deleting the files unintentionally
  3. Formatting of memory card
  4. Pulling the card out of the device without proper ejection
  5. Taking videos in low battery mode

All the above mentioned reasons cause corruption to 3gp videos. Therefore if you loss the 3gp video files format or somehow it gets corrupted you can recover the file by using 3gp recovery software. This recovery software is the most efficient way for 3gp file repair. It�s a professional recovery tool that is specifically designed for the recovery of damaged 3gp video files.

Some of the prominent features of 3gp recovery software:

  1. Supports recovery of MP4 files
  2. Retrieves files from damaged, corrupted or formatted storage media
  3. Highly compatible with latest digital cameras, memory cards and camcorders
  4. Perform scanning of the storage media for the recovery of files
  5. Provides an user interactive interface
  6. Provides preview of the recoverable files

Therefore download the software in your system for 3gp file repair. You can download the demo version of the software for evaluation and after getting satisfied with the results download the full version. You can enjoy all its features only after downloading full version.

 Free Download for Windows      Free Download For Macintosh