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Stellar Phoenix photo recovery software reviews: An Incredible tool for videos and photo recovery

Are you among those people who are looking for a solution to recover their deleted, corrupted or inaccessible 3GP files? Are you looking for automatic software that can recover your lost video or photo files in few simple steps? Are you looking for stellar phoenix photo recovery software reviews to know more about this powerful software? Then you are at the right place. Here you will get all the information about the reliability and efficiency of this software.

Photo or video files loss is a very common situation which may occur due to various reasons like memory card corruption, virus attacks, device mishandling, using memory card at low power, formatting of memory card etc. In all of these situations, the 3gp files stored in your memory will become inaccessible. If you have the sufficient backup, then you can restore it back in your memory. But generally we don�t have the necessary backup. This is the time when stellar phoenix photo recovery software is very effective. You can use this software to recover all kinds of damaged, deleted or corrupted 3GP files in few seconds.

 Free Download for Windows      Free Download For Macintosh  

It is quite clear from Stellar Phoenix photo recovery software reviews that it uses a powerful scanning algorithm through which it deeply scans each and every files and folders of the memory and locates the hidden location of the lost files. Once it tracks the hidden spot of inaccessible files, it retrieves the data from that area and restores it back to its original position. All these is a Read-Only function therefore there is no chance of further file corruption.

Some of the specifications of Stellar Phoenix photo recovery software are:

  1. It can recover deleted, corrupted or formatted 3GP files from all kinds of memory cards as well as physical hard drive.
  2. It supports files format other than 3GP like MP4, AVI etc.
  3. It has very interactive and rich graphical user interface.
  4. Gives the thumbnail preview of the video or photo files which is to be recovered.
  5. It is compatible with MAC OS X as well as Windows operating system.

From Stellar Phoenix photo recovery software reviews, it is confirmed that it is one of the best video and photo files recovery software that is very easy to use and works very effectively.

 Free Download for Windows      Free Download For Macintosh